Lounny & Gino

Laos & Filipino Wedding in Melbourne

Lounny's life has been turbulent for the last few years. She has had to raise her two young children almost on her own and at the same time discover her true self in the process. When she met the charismatic Filipino Gino, she was reborn. Gino brought love and excitement back into her life.

She now had the opportunity to marry a quality man who genuinely adores her children almost as much as he does her. For Lounny, this wedding was about second chances.

They combined their Laos and Filipino traditions merging Gino's faith with Lounny's colourful costumes and dances - it made for a wondrous wedding day. They were married in a small church close to Lounny's home followed by celebrations at Anabella Receptions.

"Thanks Amy & Brandon! Everyone was very impressed - makeup & hair artist, Gino's parents, my parents and of course me and Gino. You were reliable, professional and patient!"
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