Ashlea & Brendan

Wedding at Ballara Receptions

The ceremony was held in an intimate Chapel at the beautiful Ballara Receptions. Ashlea and Brendan recited their personally written vows to one another.

Ballara Receptions is an estate nestled in Eltham with a gorgeous garden featuring a fountain, small waterfall and beautiful willow trees.

Family and tradition was a big part of the day. Brendan's brother Darren honoured Ashlea and Brendan by singing "When I say I do" as they signed their certificate of marriage. Ashlea's father spoke of his pride for the person Ashlea had become largely all on her own.

When Ashlea and Brendan danced we loved the way they looked at one another. A true celebration of love, faith and family - we especially loved how Brendan danced so passionately with his best man. That's true love.
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