Lounny & Gino

Melbourne Engagement

Lounny's story is a perfect example of second chances and real love. When Lounny met Gino, she was raising her two children by herself and really trying to figure out how to best live her live.

Gino swooped in, brought his energy, warmth and kindness and lifted Lounny to a new place in her life. Gino brought Lounny back to life. For me, this is the perfect love story. Lounny meets her soul mate - a quality man who loves her children almost as much as he loves her.

We took Lounny and Gino to Kane's Bridge, which is a magnificent, red bridge in Studley Park. Lounny could totally be a model with bone structure like hers - she's very photogenic.

Although we didn't get a gorgeous sunset this time, we did get a very dramatic (and rainy) photograph of Lounny and Gino in the rain. We love the energy Lounny and Gino brought to the photoshoot - it was an explosion of colour, drama and laughs.
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