Lien & Jimmy

La Perouse Engagement Sydney

They've known each other since highschool, but had never really noticed one another. As chance would have it, they met again through mutual friends and discovered that they both had feelings for one another. It's a rare relationship when Jimmy is the one who likes to talk and Lien has tell him that "it's quiet time now".

Lien & Jimmy came to us desiring a more casual and natural photoshoot. They disliked traditional portraits that can be cheesy and seem artificial. We flew up to Sydney and set our scene at the historic La Perouse. Our approach for Lien & Jimmy was to bring out the fun and carefree nature of their relationship. There is nothing like the excitement and joy of finding that love in someone that has been there all along.

"We love your photographs! We got a few praises from friends and family about your photos. Jimmy installed the slideshow on his mobile and watches it all the time. We really enjoyed the whole experience, it was fun!"
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