Ashlea & Brendan

Campbells Cove & Altona Beach Engagement

We were waiting for the perfect weather to shoot Ashlea & Brendan's Engagement Photos. Spring time seemed to take longer to arrive this time round - the weather was quite wild that day actually, but Ashlea and Brendan were such good sports we could not take bad photos of them.

Yellow flowers were blooming on farm properties near the Werribee gardens which was a perfect backdrop for such a sweet couple. The Campbells Cove beach shacks were charming indeed and very colourful and quirky to photograph.

By the time we got to Altona Beach, Melbourne was throwing all sorts of rain, wind and sand at us. Ashlea and Brendan seemed to have so much fun with it - and we got some pretty amazing colours out of the wild weather - even a double rainbow.

"Brendan and I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!! They're stunning!! You guys make us look good! Can't wait to show my parents!"
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