Close, Personal and Emotional Photography

By Amy

  When I'm photographing I'm looking for an emotional connection. Only by getting close and focusing on the little details, the real you is revealed.

The most important thing to me is that you feel special on your wedding day.

On the wedding day, I am dedicated to you and your needs exclusively. My goal is to capture tender, candid moments no matter what's going on around you. I am your personal photographer on your wedding day and am completely focused on what's most important to you.

By being totally dedicated to your needs, I make sure that your wedding photography, like the wedding day itself is everything you could hope for.

Big, Grand and Fantastical Photography

By Brandon

It's more than just you - but everything and everyone around you. I'm interested in the colours of your world, the grandness of it and your place in it. Whether it's a spectacular sunset in the place where you had your first date or the altar in your parent's house, I strive to give you a memory that is both beautiful and meaningful to you as a couple.

I'm a big believer in holding on to the things that have come before us.

When it comes to covering your wedding, I make sure I capture the big picture. That means respecting traditions and paying attention to your family and friends.

My one true goal is to give you photographs that are grand, magnificent and powerful.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers

Hi! We're Amy and Brandon Ly, Melbourne Wedding Photographers who specialise in Modern Weddings that celebrate tradition.

Our approach to Wedding Photography in Melbourne is very focused. I (Amy) am focused entirely on emotions and details. My style of Wedding Photography is candid, and close. My husband (Brandon) tells the big picture. His style of Wedding Photography is to focus on your environment, paying special attention to traditions and family.

Melbourne is as diverse culturally as it is photographically. Tradition and culture really shine in Melbourne - Wedding Photography here can be every bit as vibrant and authentic as in the respective motherlands.

Melbourne is a beautiful city for Wedding Photography. With such a vast variety of different locations and looks, with seasonal changes we can easily create many different moods without having to travel too far from Melbourne. Our beloved city is also ideal for Pre-Wedding Photography. Melbourne is unique in this way with leafy gardens and beautiful beaches nearby.

We are Wedding Photographers in Melbourne but are available to travel Australia-Wide and internationally. We can custom quote packages that require travel, just let us know the details!

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